Overview and most read articles from my Medium page

The 4 Topics I write about and why

Product Management : 10 years working on tech projects. In particular, I was CPO at ManoMano, French Scale Up in DIY space (e-commerce market-place) between 2017 and 2020.

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1/ Most read Product Management articles

Start with one of the most read article, The making of a product-centric organization: key takeaways from the French scale-up ManoManoBusiness. This one is a long format (41 mins reading time) that summarizes the key takeaways from the scale of the ManoMano’s Product team (from 1 team to 25) and challenges along the way. No bullshit! This article points towards more detailed articles about recruitment, make or buy decision grid, product organization, how being data-driven might be dangerous (also one the most read articles)…

Product Discovery articles

You probably think you are user-centric, aren’t you? This article might make you reconsider what it really takes to be user-centric.

Product Strategy articles

Another popular article deals with the vanity of Product Prioritization Frameworks: Product Strategy: what if we stopped hiding behind frameworks?.

2/ Most read Business articles

These two French articles are both long formats and definitely rang some bells in the start-up French Ecosystem! For English readers, Google translate offers a great translation.

3/ Most read Management and eduction articles

This article resonated a lot with many managers! I explain why I was a bad manager while wanting to do well. 2 key reasons are I was “unconsciously incompetent” and companies do not favor good management practices. Several case studies will demonstrate these two points! You will find other articles about management, mainly in French, in the WILL section of my medium page: why the recruiting ecosystem is broken, why the way address fulfillment at work could be better...

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Tech entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer | Founder @WILL, ex-CPO (Chief Product Officer) at ManoMano, ex Founding Partner at Artefact