The art of interviewing in Product Discovery

1/ The problem : there is no “objective” reality

Distorsion between what the User did and said they did
Distorsion between what the Interviewer said the User said (he did)
The Product Management lifecycle (credit : Marty Cagan)

2/ Free the words

Hi dear user ! Thank you so much for your time, I know you are very busy, so I am grateful you could make it for this interview. I work on MyProductName, trying to improve it by understanding what users like you need. I need 30 minutes of your time to better figure out what you experience when using our product (or performing a given task you PM are interested in). Most of the time I will be listening to you. I might ask you some questions : there are no right answers, just share your experience ! (if the product exists, you can add : I did not conceive MyProductName, so feel free to raise concerns, this is my job to collect this kind of feedback !

Paula, I get your point about the location. As I am not familiar with the renting market in the area, do you have any other feedback about my rental that could help me rent it more easily ? It could be about price, the condition of the house or whatever ?

3/ Listen actively

When the User looks up/right/down, don’t interrupt !

4/ Hunt down language shortcuts

5/ Ask for behaviors rather than opinions

6/ Go up to the needs level

The Product Pyramid

7/ Mitigate only one biais (confirmation)



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