Why I was a bad manager, when I wanted to do well!

Tommy Draw to illustrate the difficulty of being a good manager!

Part 1: How I have been a bad manager without realizing it

Problem #1: I didn’t realize I was a bad manager

1a/ I was unconsciously incompetent

Problem n°2: my environment did not help me to be a good manager

2a/ The limiting beliefs of the business world

Part 2: How could I have done better? Practical cases !

In the second part of this article, I would like to come back to a certain number of concrete situations drawn from my career in order to illustrate the first part of the article.

My managed themselves

Let’s start with the “My managed people themselves” layer, in other words get to know them well to put them in the right place and help them organize themselves so that they work on what is important (for them and/or the ‘company).

My managed and their colleagues

Now let’s move on to layer 2 of the WILL method. It is a question of considering the relations between the managed and their colleagues in the broad sense. The two sub-layers are communicating and collaborating with the objective of creating rich relationships (for them and for the company).

Unleash the potential of its managed

Let’s now look at the layer dedicated specifically to management. The challenge is to succeed in creating a relationship of trust despite the hierarchical relationship that exists between the manager and his employees and to allow them to express their full potential.

Managed with their company

For this last layer, we find the problems seen previously but at a systemic level, that of the company: for example the employee is clear with their motivation levers but they are different from the values ​​of the company. The collaborator communicates better with each person but two teams are cold…


Being a good manager is hard! Let’s stop wanting to be perfect, let’s recognize our limits and above all take the time to train ourselves to become one. Because there are effective solutions to move towards what surely constitutes the ideal model, that of manager-coach.



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Tech entrepreneur, Coach, Trainer | Founder @WILL, ex-CPO (Chief Product Officer) at ManoMano, ex Founding Partner at Artefact