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  • Jeanne Londiche

    Jeanne Londiche

    Fondatrice - JL Recrutement

  • Johan Aradan

    Johan Aradan

    Head of Product @Malt. Building the 1st European platform that connects Business & Freelancers. Made in Languedoc & Périgord

  • Benoît Terpereau

    Benoît Terpereau

    CPO @ OCUS. Founder of several startups. Former VP Product @ Deezer, Product Director @ Enablon & CTO @ MyLittleParis. Things I like:👨‍💻♻️🎧.

  • Sebastien Phlix

    Sebastien Phlix

    Product manager at N26, previously at Typeform. Find me @sebastienphl

  • Claire Lew

    Claire Lew

    CEO of Know Your Team (http://knowyourteam.com). My life’s mission is to help people become happier at work.

  • Jonathan Golden

    Jonathan Golden

    Partner @NEA, Previously Product @Airbnb, @Dropbox and @Hubspot

  • Chloé Martinot

    Chloé Martinot

    Founder and CEO @Ouvrage, Former CPO & User Researcher @ManoMano — Feminist in Tech.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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